Thanks for stopping by our new website!

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Notice anything new about us? We’ve been working on a complete facelift for our website and we’re excited to unveil our new look!

Take the new site for a spin and you’ll see us talking about how our proprietary, industry-leading software and custom services enable you to grow sales and better manage your incentive programs. We’re making even more changes behind the scenes as we constantly update our software solutions to make motivating your sales team easier and more fun, with greater results.

You’ll also notice that we have a variety of resources. You can check out a case study (many more to come!) on how our solutions led to significant cost savings for an industrial products manufacturer. Once you’re done there, you can download a whitepaper that goes into greater detail about our solutions or one with insight into incentive promotion and program strategies. Finally, for the first time, we have a blog. This is new for us and we’re very excited about it. In an industry where there can be a lot of confusion and flashy language, we hope that it serves as a tool to learn more about sales incentives and solutions. Whether you’re the VP of Sales or an entry-level salesperson, we encourage you to take a look at our first posts and keep up to date on everything going on at MTC.

If you’re currently doing business with us, thank you. We hope this becomes a go-to resource and a way to stay connected to the latest in sales activation and incentive program ideas. If you’re new, thanks for stopping by and exploring the new look. Please take some time to browse around and learn more about how we can help you.