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13 September 0   0

When the Spiff Revolution Comes...

Product Champions WIll Grow On Trees


For years, the most succesful manufacturers have been those that educate and motivate channel sales representatives about the unique benefits of their product.  But how do you reach them, and how can you convince them to learn about your product when it's just one of hundreds that they sell?


Knowledge Builder™, an educational add-on to SpiffCENTRAL™ Channel Manager, allows you to reward sales reps for their product knowledge.  You upload literature to the participant for them to review, and then offer them a reward for correctly completeing a quiz.  From debit card credits, to merchandise, to travel, we can fulfill whatever reward best motivates your sales staff.


With Knowledge Builder, you'll increase mindshare and loyalty among sales reps in your channels.  They'll be better prepared to sell your products and support the end user.  Everyone reaps the rewards.