How to Find the Right Incentive Management Software for Your Business (Part 3 of 4)

Posted by:PepperGroup

In part three of our series on selecting the right incentive management software, we discuss the importance of having accurate and complete data, well-informed sales reps, reporting and analysis tools, and easily customizable content. These factors all contribute to the success of your incentive program.

Ensure Integrated, Manageable, Accessible Data

Data is at the heart of all incentive programs. Dimensions include product catalogs, sales teams, point-of-sale data and other elements. Look for an application designed from the ground up to manage large datasets seamlessly. Import routines should be smart enough to recognize data errors. Single sign-on to native environments should be within scope. Report data should be easily accessible and exports should be standard for further manipulation and analysis in Excel.

Training and Knowledge

Product knowledge is the key to sales success. People sell what they know, so pay salespeople to learn the products you want to sell, ensuring that benefits and features roll off their lips. Make sure they know your product line better than anyone else’s. Market knowledge is also invaluable. And be certain the platform you are considering has integrated participant survey tools.

Get Accurate, Comprehensive Reporting

The reporting suite should cover all elements of the program, including participation, achievement, rewards, quiz and survey results. A good quality solution will have at least 20 standard reports covering these core areas.

Customize Your Content

You should be able to configure all the major elements of your site—your brand color scheme, logo and potentially other graphic or structural elements. In addition, the registration page, contents of the landing page inside the application, primary messaging on the landing page and news articles all play a part in a site’s communication and flexibility. Today’s best software gives you the ability to advertise promotions in the participant portal.