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Rebate Manager™

At the center of our full-service end-user rebate processing is Rebate Manager. This hosted software application has an array of features that make processing rebates easier for you—and your end-users.

Each rebate program has its own online portal, making rebate processing more efficient and accurate, with faster payouts.


Your online portal is customized with your company's look and feel. Participants will immediately connect your branding to their positive rebate experience.

User Friendly

Claiming and tracking rebates is easy and intuitive with a simple-to-use interface.

The success of a promotion depends on the experience the participants have with your brand. Quickly fulfilling claimed rebates is key to this success.

Claim Options

We offer a variety of options for users to claim their rebates including online forms with document upload capability, email, fax and postal. Choose one or any combination for your program.

Claiming Rebates

Claiming and tracking rebates is easy and intuitive with a simple-to-use interface. Users quickly enter their claim, then track the processing progress until they receive their rebate.

Processing Rebates

Our efficient and experienced staff processes everything from mailed-in forms that require data entry, to verifying online claims with digital attachments. Whatever your requirements, we make sure your rebates are processed in an accurate and timely manner.

The success of a promotion depends on the experience participants have with your brand. Quickly fulfilling the payments of rewards is key to this success.

Sales Validation

Easy tools and reports help make validating sales a snap. The faster the validation process, the faster a participant can receive their rebate.

Rebate Cash Payments

As a Tier 1 payment processor, MTC can directly fund rewards onto a Visa® prepaid card branded with your unique design. Participants easily keep track of their rebates and buy what they want. Or we can issue and process individual rebate checks.

Rebate Merchandise

Whether your rebate is a small item accessory like a projector lamp or a large product like a monitor, we take care of the entire product fulfillment, including warehousing and shipping.

Business intelligence from standard and customized reporting helps you monitor and evaluate your rebate programs to continuously improve their success.

Standard Suite Reports

Includes Claim Details, Rebate Redemption, Check Summary, Batch Detail and Merchandise Fulfillment.

Report View Options

Online reporting allows you to drill down into the details. Or, export reports in HTML, PDF or Excel files to integrate data in the format that meets your needs.

Based on the same core technology platform as our other incentive automation software applications, Rebate Manager utilizes the latest technology and design to provide a secure, easy-to-use experience that you can rely on.

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

Our Certified PCI Compliant privacy and confidentiality processes ensure that your company's and individual user's information is secure and never shared.

Users and Roles

Manage users and roles with individual registrations and role-based security levels and navigation menus. We utilize 128bit encryption for a secure and private login process.


creates effective, efficient sales incentive management solutions that save time and money while increasing engagement and ROI. We empower clients to create successful sales incentive programs and promotions that influence business results, motivate participants to sell more and maximize program potential.  

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