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Vendor Manager™

Vendor Manager is incentive automation software that enables you to consolidate and manage all your vendor incentive programs into a single platform. An enterprise-level solution for distributors and large resellers, Vendor Manager has advanced features to ensure that vendor programs are aligned with your business goals.

PromoBuilder is an advanced and powerful system for quickly building and promoting your incentive programs.

Enhanced User Experience 

Our easy-to-use wizard guides and advises you through the promotion setup process in an intuitive, goal oriented approach enabling you to quickly implement your program and achieve your desired results faster.

Business Objectives 

The PromoBuilder starts with your business objectives and guides you through the setup process helping you align your promotional activities to achieve your business goals.

Contest Types 

A variety of contest types combined with multiple promotion options offers you the ability to implement the specific programs to achieve your objectives.

Promotion Options

Multiple promotion options combined with a variety of contest types offers you the ability to implement the specific program to achieve your objectives.

Hierarchy Targeting Mechanisms 

Targeting your promotions to specific individuals within sales divisions, territories and business verticals enables you to achieve objectives based on your requirements.

Vendor Manager includes personalized dashboards for both Participants and Administrators providing key program-at-a-glance data that informs and guides for greater engagement and success.

Participant Dashboard 

With an individually customized layout, each Participant can quickly view key program information right from their smartphone, tablet or computer that helps them better leverage promotion rewards.

Valuable information including Alerts & Notifications, Account Summary, Reward Balances, Earning Opportunities, Competition Standings and more keeps Participants engaged and excited to sell your products. 

Administrator Dashboard 

Your Program Administrators and your Vendor Partner Administrators have personalized dashboards enabling them to monitor, measure, adjust and continually improve program performance. An array of helpful data includes Program Summaries, Program Analytics, Promotion Statistics and Trends, Pending Tasks and much more. 

The success of a promotion depends on the experience the participants have with your brand. Quickly fulfilling the payments of rewards is key to this success.

Invoice Management 

Combine streamlined vendor invoice management with an Advanced Funding Account (AFA) to significantly reduce the time from reward to participant payment. Rewards can also be funded through your payroll system. 

Reward Payments 

As a Tier 1 payment processor, MTC directly funds rewards onto reloadable Visa® prepaid cards branded with your unique design. Participants easily keep track of their rewards and buy what they want. 

Sales Validation 

Easy tools and reports help make validating sales a snap. The faster the validation process, the faster a participant can receive rewards. 

KnowledgeBuilder is a dynamic online education and survey tool that rewards participants for learning about your products. 

Train, Test, Reward 

KnowledgeBuilder enables you to train your targeted participants, attach educational materials, test their knowledge, automatically score their results and offer rewards based on your criteria.


Create easy-to-use surveys to garner feedback from your sales channel.

Statistical Reporting on Results 

Results from quizzes and surveys can be viewed and analyzed in real-time giving you immediate feedback on the success of your training.

Manage and define an approval routing and structure to fit your particular business requirements.

Participant and Hierarchy Management 

Vendor Manager adjusts to the way you do business. With import and online tools, you can easily set up your sales hierarchy structure and individual sales rep data based on your business model. 

Workflow Management 

Sophisticated workflow management throughout the application enables you to implement best practices and setup multiple tiers of approvals with email notifications to match the way you do business. 

Product Library Management 

Easily import your product database and product hierarchy structure and manage them online. Exception-handling tools make the process more efficient.  

A sophisticated auditing mechanism is built into our systems from the ground up to track people, processes and data.

Audit Tracking 

BackTracker allows you to view a snapshot of what circumstances looked like on a specific date. 

Audit Analysis 

Various advanced reports enable you to look at historical data in different ways, providing analytics to evaluate past performance and plan future activity.

A variety of tools help you easily manage and personalize your website.

Site Content

The website can be customized to convey a consistent look with your corporate branding including your logo and colors. Easily publish content including role-based welcome messages, news, FAQ's, etc.

Spotlight Promotions 

Spotlights provide the details of your promotions and are linked to banner advertising on your site targeting participants. 

Importing and managing data in Vendor Manager, such as sales-out data, salespeople information, hierarchy structure and product libraries is made simple with a host of data integration tools.

File Import

Easily import your product file, participants and sales hierarchy in various formats. By importing your sales-out/POS data you eliminate the need to submit manual claims, saving a great deal of time and money.

Scheduling Manager

Allows scheduled or on-demand actions.

Import Exception Manager 

Utility to correct and manage data import exceptions.

Sales Goals

Import sales goals for your sales reps, then reward them based on achievement of goals.

Business intelligence from standard and customized reporting helps you monitor and evaluate your programs to continuously improve their success.

Standard Suite Reports 

Includes Promotion Winners, Promotion Audit, Promotion Listing, Organization Hierarchy, Participant, Partner Enrollment, Sales Data, Participant Spiff Summary, Participant Spiff Summary per Partner, Product Spiff Summary and Participant Product Sales Summary. 

Report View Options 

Online reporting allows you to drill down into the details. Or, export reports in HTML, PDF or Excel files to integrate data in the format that meets your needs.

Our patented software utilizes the latest technology and design to provide a secure, easy-to-use experience that you can rely on.

Responsive Design

Utilizing a responsive design, Vendor Manager provides an outstanding user experience by automatically adapting to the user’s smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop display. And no additional apps need to be downloaded and maintained.

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

Our Certified PCI Compliant privacy and confidentiality processes ensure that your company's and individual user's information is secure and never shared.

Users and Roles 

Manage users and roles with individual registrations and role-based security levels and navigation menus. We utilize 128bit encryption for a secure and private login process.

Advanced Calculation Engine™ (ACE)

Our proprietary Advanced Calculation Engine uses dynamic reward formulas to support sophisticated promotion rules, bundles and sales qualification methods, giving you greater flexibility with your programs.


If your program has special requirements that go beyond the current application, we can customize on a project basis.

MTC Performance

creates effective, efficient sales incentive management solutions that save time and money while increasing engagement and ROI. We empower clients to create successful programs and promotions that influence business results, motivate participants to sell more and maximize program potential. Rely on our superior technology, focus on business outcomes, flexibility and decades of expertise for your program success.

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