Implementing your sales incentive strategy should be easy. Can you implement your strategy with agility? Are you able to react to changing market conditions? Can your operate families of programs easily, without costly and time consuming custom software development? You can now!

Manage Sales Incentive Programs
with Channel Manager

For Manufacturers

Channel Manager is incentive automation software that has everything you need to more efficiently manage your sales incentive programs. An enterprise-level solution for Fortune 1000 through mid-sized companies, Channel Manager has advanced features to help you achieve your channel goals.

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Manage Partner Loyalty Programs
with Loyalty Manager

For Manufacturers & Distributors

Loyalty Manager helps you retain your current partners and incents them to sell even more of your products. Loyalty Manager has advanced features to achieve a higher degree of partner loyalty.

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Manage Partner Volume Incentive Rebate Programs
with Agile VIR

For Manufacturers & Distributors

Volume Incentive Rebates (VIR's) directed at channel members provide a strong financial incentive for reseller partners to concentrate their sales efforts around your product lines. Typically, sponsoring vendors set goals for each product category and overall business. These goals most often focus on mid and longer term time windows, and historically static for the entire fiscal year.

Agile VIR changes the playing field in your favor by facilitating additional incentives to be layered on top of the base program. Product life cycles, inventory positions and other factors may now be considered. Target the entire channel or use precision channel focus to drive sales both strategically and tactically. Benefit by having your VIR campaign considered by the channel each and every month, not just at the end of the quarter or year. Watch your market share grow.

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Manage End-User Programs
with Rebate Manager

For Manufacturers 

At the center of our full-service end-user rebate processing is Rebate Manager. This hosted software application has an array of features that make processing rebates easier for you—and your end-users.

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Manage Vendor Sponsored Sales Incentives  
with Vendor Manager

For Distributors and Large Resellers

Consolidate and manage all your vendor incentive programs into a single Business Process Management platform. An enterprise-level solution for distributors and large resellers, Vendor Manager has advanced features to ensure that vendor programs are aligned with your business goals. End the chaotic space and poor results that currently challenge you.

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MTC Performance

creates effective, efficient sales incentive management solutions that save time and money while increasing engagement and ROI. We empower clients to create successful programs and promotions that influence business results, motivate participants to sell more and maximize program potential. Rely on our superior technology, focus on business outcomes, flexibility and decades of expertise for your program success.

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